The Ten: Blessings for the Here and Now

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Do you ever worry that it’s too hard to keep God’s law and fear that you won’t be able to keep it well enough to be saved? Maybe you’re so convinced of your unworthiness that you’ve resigned yourself to being lost and, like the author’s high school classmate, figure, “Hell’s not so bad. It’s just a little burning, and then it’s over.”

If so, here’s some life-changing news!

God didn’t give you the Ten Commandments to save you from hell when you die (Jesus did that). He gave you the Ten Commandments to save you from living in hell until you die.

In The Ten, you’ll find out when God gave the Ten Commandments to His people—and why it matters. You’ll also discover why He gave them (hint: it wasn’t to assert arbitrary control over people). Then, unwrap the Ten Commandments one by one, exploring how each reveals a picture of God and the priceless, practical gifts packaged within.

Legalism—ripping the responsibility for our salvation from Jesus’ nail-pierced hands—is a burden so great that it causes spiritual exhaustion and collapse. Instead of viewing the Ten Commandments as a cross to bear or an obstacle to heaven, The Ten will show you that by loving the Savior and accepting the wisdom He gives through grace, we can really live, avoiding much of the pain that comes when we disregard God’s instruction.