The Cross and the Millennium

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There are many theories about the millennium within the Christian community. Some believe it takes place before Jesus’ return, and some after. Some believe there is a connection between the millennium and the Old Testament prophecies about Israel. And some believe the millennium will allow people a second chance at salvation. Despite these different ideas, one thing is certain—Jesus has only one resolution to earth’s history in mind.

In this fresh look at the millennium, Peter Colquhoun examines Revelation through the lens of Calvary. Take a look and see how the millennial events complete the work Jesus began on the cross—guaranteeing both the end of evil and the thrill of eternity in the earth made new, face to face with our Redeemer and King.


  • Understanding the Millennium
  • The Cross and the Millennium
  • The Testimony of Jesus
  • The Second Coming
  • The Millennial Sojourn in Heaven
  • God’s Progressive Action Against Satan
  • The Second Death
  • The Cross and the Covenant Promises
  • The New Jerusalem in a Wider Biblical Context

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