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Made Any Discoveries Lately?

“I’ll have to take the shortcut across the creek,” Samuel called to Mother as he took off on a run.

He was going so fast when he splashed across the small stream that the green frogs leaped out of his way in fright. Suddenly he saw a round white pebble lying next to a clamshell. He scooped it up quickly and stuck it in his pocket.

“I found a pretty white stone,” he boasted to the other children at recess.

Like many of the best stories—most of the stories in Guide’s Greatest Discovery Stories took place long ago and far away. Find out what happens when Mother opens the front door to discover a rattlesnake on her doorstep; and what do the three, rough looking strangers really want onboard the missionary boat? Joseph doesn’t believe the rumors of a haunted house, but what are those noises in the night, and who is climbing the stairs toward him?

Discoveries may be big or small—but they’re always exciting! And sometimes they can lead to making important decisions between right or wrong.