Archaeological and Cultural Background Study Bible

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- New King James Version Bible text.
- About 700 articles prepared by more than 80 scholars, presenting the best that biblical archaeology has unveiled
- The most important archaeological discoveries affirming Scripture
- Introductions to each book of the Bible, with information about the author, audience, purposes and themes, the book outline, and a special section on archaeology
- QR code links to more than 130 videos about biblical archaeology
- Hundreds of full color photos
- Maps, charts, and spreads of interesting objects, places, excavations, and cultural-related facts mentioned in the Bible such as coins, musical instruments, birds, flowers, and more, in full color
- Infographics of temples and cities.
- A sand clock icon displayed throughout the Old Testament indicating the archaeological periods in which the biblical events took place, also throughout the New Testament indicating when the text was written
- A chronological spread of the archaeological periods, the books of the Bible, Bible history, and more
- QR code links to additional articles, including periodic updates
- Complete index of all resources