28 Stories, Exploring the Adventist Faith

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Seventh-day Adventist faith is something worth saying, doing and being. 28 Stories will help you find and explore these treasures of faith, experiencing and appreciating them in new ways.

“Dave Edgren uses his story-telling skills to personalize the rich doctrinal variety of the Adventist Church. He connects the reader with biblical teaching in the same way Jesus does – beginning with a story and drawing the reader into its experience. This book fills a gap in doctrinal study, showing people of all ages how they may personally connect with God. Dave’s intention is to make every one of the fundamental beliefs authentic and deeply relevant, going beyond mere head knowledge, re-awakening the inspiring Adventist faith.” – Dr. David Tasker, field secretary, South Pacific Division

“Dave Edgren writes with creative flair that both inspires and delights. In 28 Stories, Dave takes many of the Bible’s most fascinating characters and retells their real-life adventures in a way that leads readers to ask the most important questions of all: ‘Why does Jesus love me?’; ‘Why should I believe what the Bible says?’; and, of course, ‘What does it all mean to me?’ 28 Stories launches its readers on an exciting journey of exploration through the key teachings of the Scriptures. Most importantly, it does it all in thought-provoking chunks guaranteed to provide fellow explorers – young and old – with a solid grounding in sound biblical teaching.” – Tony Knight, director of Youth Ministries, Australian Union Conference