Hymns, Psalms and Lullabies

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The inspiration for the songs on this album came in many forms: a break-in to our car by a thief, the birth of our precious nephews, morning devotional time with God, the incredible beauty of nature, rich lyrics in the hymnal, etc. From the very beginning we wanted to create something beautiful, restful and refreshing. We wished to convey to the listeners the loveliness we see in God, from His creative handiwork to His thoughtfulness and care for each and every person as a distinct and treasured individual. We hope you sense His love for you as you listen.

“Hymns, Psalms and Lullabies is musical perfection. Song by song, Matt and Josie’s new record will serenade your heart with heavenly whispers of love and innocence and gentle emotional insight. Amid a sea of mediocre, profane, and ugly music, Matt and Josie have given to the world a gift of melodic and lyrical beauty. If I could pull a U2 and automatically download this album onto every music player on earth, I would. Do your soul a favor and get Hymns, Psalms and Lullabies.” - Ty Gibson

  1. 1. Hymns, Psalms and Lullabies (Sampler)

Hymns, Psalms and Lullabies (Sampler)

Matt and Josie Minikus